Protecting Your Twitch Chat From Hate Raids

Introduction Hello friends! This blog post will be going over ways to help prevent un-wanted situations in your Twitch chat as a streamer. Some of this may be “common knowledge” to long time streamers so if you would like to skip to a specific topic, check out the collapsible table of contents above! Within the past few months over on Twitch, we have seen an increase in instances of hate raids, bot follows, harassment/bullying during stream, and we have even personally witnessed and have been a part of the receiving end of a DDoS Attack that has shut down a friend’s stream due to their router being attacked.

Mental Health Awareness Month

Hello friends, Mental Health Awareness Month is coming to an end. Even though the month is coming to an end, I wanted to highlight my own personal experiences with treating mental health along with providing some resources for you all to check out. TW: medication, therapy, anxiety, depression My journey with mental health problems started when I was a preteen. I started to notice overwhelming feelings like anger, sadness, and worry.