#BLM Resources

TW // police brutality, violence, racism

Kyle and I wanted to bring attention to the violent killing of Duante Wright, a 20 year old father who had his life taken by police last night in Brooklyn Park, MN. It’s a sick feeling to see such injustices take place so close to home and we can’t imagine what the black community in Minneapolis is feeling right now.

We wanted to share some resources we have found this morning while looking for some ways to help. We found this amazing BLM resources card that is very straightforward and useful, including a simple lesson plan with links for learning to be an BLM ally in 15, 20, and 45 minutes a day.

If you are not sure where to start, we highly recommend clicking the second link and starting with the first 10 minute resource, a short article from The Atlantic. Kyle and I read it together this morning and it really gave perspective into the fear and dehumanization of black men that lead to these violent killings. We plan on continuing to educate ourselves through these links, will have them on a timer in our stream chat, and would appreciate if you would take some time to check them out.

An amazing collection of BLM resources here

Don’t know where to start learning as a BLM ally? Here is a lesson plan for 10, 25, or 45 minutes every day.