Stardew Valley Mods

Hello friends!

Below is a quick guide and list for setting up Vortex from NexusMods and installing the mods we enjoy using using.

Getting started


On the following pages you will see a “VORTEX” button on the top right. Make sure you are signed in or it won’t appear!

Anything you put in a chest that is connected to a machine will automatically be put through the machine and put back into the chest. Ex: Ore and Coal will automatically process into bars. This mod doesn’t seem like a big deal but makes a world of difference. /2021-07-22-stardew-mods/automate.png

Adds icons indicating the types of fruit, vegetable, or flower used to make that artisan good. For some reason this one is not working as intended in Chaosdew but we are working on figuring that out.

Removes failed milking/shearing attempts and adds an icon when animals can be cared for. /2021-07-22-stardew-mods/Better_ranching.png

Adds pastel blossoms to fruit trees making your game a little more beautiful.

By pressing “B” you can pull up an inventory of all the chests you have laid out across the map. This is super useful for filling in community center bundles and especially on shared farms. Tip: name your chests accordingly so that it’s easy to find items! /2021-07-22-stardew-mods/Chests_anywhere.png

Allows you to control a full cheats menu by pressing P. This menu can basically allow you to cheat almost anything in the game including but not limited to missions, relationships, weather, time, and skills. Use this to stop time when stepping away, warp to a location when there is little time to lose, and to make fishing much easier. /2021-07-22-stardew-mods/CJB_cheats.png

Allows you to spawn any item in the game into your inventory. Massive cheater mode mod but so much fun for decorating your house or getting an item in a pinch. /2021-07-22-stardew-mods/Item_spawner.png

Another content pack framework that is used for changing the images in game.


Framework necessary for other mods that work with conditions.

Framework for item spawning.

Makes fish ponds a bit more aesthetically pleasing. /2021-07-22-stardew-mods/fish_pond.png

Makes garden pots a bit more aesthetically pleasing. /2021-07-22-stardew-mods/garden_pots.png

Shows favorite gifts when hovering your cursor over their face on the calendar. /2021-07-22-stardew-mods/gift_taste_helper.png

Allows content packs to add custom content like seasonal outfits to the

Learn about anything in a Wikipedia style manner including NPC’s, items, and other environmental objects by hovering your cursor over them and pressing F1. /2021-07-22-stardew-mods/Lookup_anything.png

A framework mod that lets you add custom grass with other mods.

Makes it so your fences don’t break down over time and need repairing. It’s nice to have one less thing to worry about on the farm.

Provides a more accurate map and shows current locations of NPC’s with a icon of their face. Super helpful if you need to turn in a mission or deliver a gift as the NPC’s are moving around the town every day. /2021-07-22-stardew-mods/NPC_Map_Locations.png

A toolkit for SMAPI mods

Gives a rustic redesign to NPC homes and community buildings. /2021-07-22-stardew-mods/Rustic_Country_Town_Interior.png

New colors and designs for all the flooring and paths including matching thumbnails.

Seasonal outfit changes for the Stardew Valley Expanded characters. For some reason this is also not currently working as intended in Chaosdew and we are currently figuring out why.

This mod gives all characters seasonal outfit changes and adds many more adorable outfits and hairstyles for them. Unfortunately it seems this mod is currently unavaliable for download /2021-07-22-stardew-mods/Seasonal_outfits.png

-Manual download only. You will need to download all of the required mods that you do not have that appear when you click the download button. Once downloaded, in Vortex go to the MODS tab on the left and click Install From File on the top and select the zip file you downloaded –>


    • This is a must! This is a framework that makes a lot of the mods work!
  • SpaceCore

Framework used by other mods

Recolors all the trees, bushes, and grass to be more aesthetic. /2021-07-22-stardew-mods/Foliage_Redone.png

The single greatest mod ever made. Adds entire areas, new characters including bachelors and bachelorettes, more lore, cut scenes, and much more. If you have played Stardew through once, this mod is highly recommended as it is almost a new game. /2021-07-22-stardew-mods/SVE.png

  • There are two additional additional mods that can be downloaded on the same page:
  1. Stardew Valley Expanded - Grandpa’s Farm
  2. Stardew Valley Expanded - Immersive Farm 2 Remastered

Framework that other mods work off of.

Toolkit for adding/editing/replacing maps and creating buildables that other mods work off of.

Allows you to buy a tractor to more efficiently work with crops, clear twigs and rocks, etc. /2021-07-22-stardew-mods/Tractor_mod.png

Similar to the Look Up Anything mod, hover your cursor over an item to learn more about it. This mod is designed to feel less like cheating compared to the Look Up Anything mod which will tell you a lot more information. /2021-07-22-stardew-mods/UI_Info_Suite.png

Adds a total of 52 new grass+flower variations for 4 seasons, to achieve lively looking grasses. /2021-07-22-stardew-mods/Wildflower_Grass_Field.png

Grass survives through the winter and adds some more greenery to that more barren season.

/2021-07-22-stardew-mods/Yellogg's.png There are two additional additional mods that can be downloaded on the same page:

Launching the game

  • To launch the game with the mods press the play button on the Stardew Valley image

Good to know

  • Inviting friends will not show if you launch the game through Vortex without opening Steam