About Us

Hello friends, we are Kyle and Lexi!

A couple of goofy gamers from the Midwest trying to live sustainably, stay healthy, and help others. We started this blog to share all of the things we are passionate about, like food, video games, sexual wellness, and more! We hope that by sharing a bit of our everyday life, we can encourage others to make more informed and healthy decisions, both for themselves and our planet.

More about Kyle:

A giant dummy that likes coding and who incidentally helped build the world’s largest calzone. Graduated with degrees in both Health Data Science and Informatics from IUPUI. Interested in machine learning, the coding language R, and open-source software. Enjoys working on new projects, One Piece, Limoncello LaCroix, and black coffee.

More about Lexi:

An actual toilet that is bad at video games and coding but tries her best. Graduated with a degree in Community Health from IUPUI and is a Certified Health Education Specialist. Interested in sexual and mental health education, sustainability, thrifting, and learning R. Enjoys cooking, JJBA, blowing up gens on DBD, and a zebra latte.