Declutter With Us Part 1

Hello friends, we hope you enjoy our first decluttering video :) We had a lot of fun filming this and found it motivating to share our clothing journey with you! Look out for more of these videos soon, as we still have more areas in the house to declutter.

Weekly Stream Highlights Jan 31 - Feb 6

Hello friends, I hope you had a good week :) This week we cooked Tofu Fried Rice on Monday, played some more Transistor on Wednesday, and got into a Co-Op farm with StepfordHusband on Friday! It was a really chill and fun week and I’m so glad we have such an amazing community we can goof around with. <3 Follow Stepford Husband on Twitch here !!!!

February 2021 Bullet Journal Stream Highlights

Hello friends, I completed my February 2021 bullet journal layout :) On Saturday I showed the process of creating my bullet journal layout from start to finish. I asked the discord and my twitter followers which colors I should use this month. Purple won so I did an all purple layout. If you are interested in the finished project, there are pictures underneath the video! I will be doing this every month from now on so if you are interested mark February 27th in your bullet journal because that is when I will be making the layout for March.

Weekly Stream Highlights Jan 24 - 30

Hello friends, we had a lot of fun this week :) We started off the week cooking one our favorite recipes: BBQ Tofu w/ Onions and we almost burned our kitchen by leaving a pizza box in the preheating oven… Then we played some more Super Mario Sunshine, our friends started a bit war, and I ugly cried so thank you to all the friends that showed us love on Wednesday night.

Weekly Stream Highlights Jan 17 - 23

Hello friends, we streamed a little bit of everything this week! :) We started off the week making some Crispy Kumara Cakes and then played some Guild Wars and a bit of Super Mario Sunshine. Kyle rounded off the week with a coding stream and I showed some of my code and video editing. If anyone is interested in seeing how I edit these videos in DaVinci Resolve I would be glad to clip the parts of Saturdays stream where I go over it.

Weekly Stream Highlights Jan 9 - 15

Hello friends, we started Lexi’s nostalgic game this week! Super Mario Sunshine! :) This week we streamed one day due to everything happening in the US recently. To everyone reading this, be sure you are taking time to take care of yourself! The one night we had the opportunity to stream was AMAZING! Lexi shared a nostalgic game with me. We picked some highlights that showcase our first playthrough.